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We love your feet. You should love them too.

Every part of our body is important. They all have specific functions and should work properly to have the whole thing sound and going. Your feet are of capital importance because you use them to stand, walk and run. You will need them to jump, dance and play. They must be healthy, they support all the rest of your body. If your feet are not happy, your body is not happy. Let us do something for you!

Do you experience foot pain?

Some people report feeling a throbbing pain in their soles, either one  or both of them. It is like stepping on a pointy edge every time they lay your weight on that foot. The pain is bigger in the morning or after a while of not using your feet to stand. Do you feel identified with this? Is this happening to you right now? Well, if it is, don't worry: we have the solution!

You may have plantar fasciitis. What is this?

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of feet, associated with inflammation and throbbing pain. It happenes when your feet are under too much mechanical stress. You are forcing the structure of your feet and this causes damage in the tissue under the skin of your sole. 

How do you over-stress your feet?

Not every people have the same lifestyle or body complexion, and these two factors are of radical importance when putting yourself in risk of plantar fasciitis. If you feel pain in your soles, you should go to a doctor and ask for advice. Consider this possibility, especially if you have risk factors, like athletic activities, overweight or if you spend much time a day standing. Your feet might be really tired and maybe they need a break!

Is it true that foot arch issues could cause plantar fasciitis?

Yes, it is very true indeed. The arch of your feet is very important because it helps to distribute the weight of your body properly on your feet. If your foot arch does not have the right shape, you are forcing your feet to support your body weight in a way that they should not. This over-stresses them and can cause plantar fasciitis as well as other traumatological and postural issues that must be corrected before they affect your overall health!




"Aah, my feet feel like on vacations right now! I just love how it feels to have your foot pain relieved forever. And everything happend just with a pair of orthotic insoles! They correct the position of my feet and the shape of my foot arch. It seems like a work of magic, but it is not! It's just the power of orthotic insoles that changes everything!"


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Happy Clients

Happy people with happy feet

"The Hull Health Group are professional people with great medical and human standards. I will always recommend them to anyone who is suffering foot pain. I feel so glad that I have met them and I wish that I heard about them earlier."
By Jenny Ferguson

Happy Clients

Happy people with happy feet

"I have felt on and off foot pain for the last months and I had gotten used to it. I never thought that getting rid of it would be as easy as it actually turned out to be. Thanks to Hull Health Group now things are different."
By Vincent Diaz